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In the day and the life of busy entrepreneurs, coaches and business executives time is at a premium. Yet, everyone of us needs to communicate as effectively as possible.

A trip to a sound studio to record a presentation, important message or a speech is not easily accomplished. There is not just the time but booking the studio, studio costs, and finding a sound professional who knows how to deal with “spoken word” communications. After all most of the public believes a sound studio is a music recording studio and that recording music is not easy so a music sound engineer could easily record and produce a voice message.

First, let me clarify that directing, recording and editing the spoken word requires a different perspective than recording a hip hop tune or film score. There is understanding how to direct the presenter so that they deliver a believable, honest and sincere presentation. Then there is editing the presentation so that it flows in a way that it does not sound like a “Cut and paste” disaster. Also, consider if all the uhms, ahs and well I’s were removed, would anyone believe that this was the same person that usually talks these “verbal” crutches?

So, what does all this have to do with telephone recording anyway?

With the appropriate audio equipment, voice direction and professional expertise we can get the job done while you are in the comfort of your office or home and in less time than you probably imagined.

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