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Rich Media Sound Marketing

Rich Media Sound Marketing

Rich Media Sound can record, produce and create audio for many applications / situations:


Sound Marketing & Communications

 IMG_0691Audio and sound on your web site adds rich media communications that attracts and holds visitors. Audio on Web Sites like Website Macgyver , ATMs Canada , Holiday Ink Canada, St. Lazare Homes For Sale and PMS Cramp Relief take full advantage of integrated rich media sound and visual communications … more


Sound Advice

Why audio is so important on your website?


Websites With An Edge

There are so many ways to use video on the Internet.
On your website, video ads, social media, just to name a few


Events & Webcasts

Although we use to do many off-line events in the past, today we do online broadcast so you can benefit from these online sessions, in the comfort of your own home or office.
Youtube channel