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Voice Direction

It takes a great deal of ability to speak into a microphone while delivering a message to be recorded and at the same time try to imagine what the listener might be thinking. Also, add to this multitask the ability to pick up on every little dictation error or infection slip up.

And even if you can do all three of these tasks well, who is watching that your voice doesn’t over modulate the recording device? How do you begin to imagine if there might be a different way of delivering the second line in the 3rd paragraph so that it might sound a little more sincere?

Well, that is where a voice director comes in. I know there are many inexpensive “call in” and record your message and upload to your website packages out there, but who is guiding the DIY (Do it yourself) narrators?

In my 25 plus years as a sound engineer/producer even the best narrators take several takes to get it “just right”.

So ask yourself, “When I do an important presentation, it would be risky to wing it? Would I benefit from an objective, honest critique about how my message might be perceived by an important audience?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, give us a call, we can help. Or in the words of Fraser Crane “I’m listening”.

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